Group Exhibition: THE HUE

Group Exhibition: THE HUE

Kylin Gallery is pleased to announce the Group Exhibition "The Hue" opening on Saturday, April 27. Join us for an opening reception from 4:30 to 7 pm.  


Exhibition Artists

Yoshio Ikezaki: Yoshio Ikezaki is a Japanese American artist who lives in Los Angeles California. He is a master painter in Sumi ink and equally a master paper maker. He is the exclusive artist of Kylin Gallery.

Shingo Francis: Shingo Francis was born in Santa Monica, he is a minimal and abstract painter who approaches his work to explore the color change. He lives in Los Angeles and Japan where he contemplated and immersed himself in its traditional and popular culture.

Han Mo: Han Mo has been living, creating, and researching in the USA. Initiated the theory of modern Chinese color & ink painting and is regarded as a representative artist of this theory.