Current Exhibitions

Timeless Dialogue

Rembrandt and Yoshio

Sep 07 - Nov 22, 2018

Kylin Gallery’s grand opening show at the new location, we titled it as “Timeless Dialogue”.  It means the two artists Yoshio Ikezaki and Rembrandt created their artwork in different time and space but have a similarity in that both artists often painted the landscape for their subject matter.  The most interesting differentiation of two is the treatment of light & shadow and perspective viewpoint. Rembrandt lived in the era when Christianity had dominated the world. He painted his painting with one absolute vanishing point called “God point”. Yoshio paints with absolute freedom from the point and seeks landscape as everything arise evolve, and perish as all nature behaves. It is the way of Zen. The gallery aims to focus and bridge those two artists for audience providing conversation beyond time.