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Silent Colors


Kylin Gallery is proud to present “ Silent colors” a solo exhibit of the gallery's exclusive artist Yoshio Ikezaki with his most recent works. The exhibition will be on view from Feb 25 through April 22. Opening with Soft drink to be held on Saturday, Feb 25 from 2 pm-6 pm.


Yoshio focuses on “Silent Colors” which is called by the sensitive tonality of sumi ink with the inner dimensions of his thought and experience. All the silent quality of colors he has discovered for those paintings in the exhibit, come from the thought. Yoshio often thinks about the meaning of silence in art and life. Silence does not have the same meaning as nothingness. Emptiness and nothingness lead me to think about “silence”. Silence is an expression, the most effective method of depicting the inner dimension of thoughts. Silence-related matters designate simplicity, condensation, and articulation of essence matters in non-living and living things. Those things must have energy and spirit. These concerns relate to his way of sumi ink and sumi ink with color painting.


Yoshio was born in Kitakyushu, Japan. In 1978, Yoshio received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Florida State University and a Master of Fine Arts degree from the same school in 1980. After graduation, he returned to Japan to study with Japanese paper masters Shigemi and Shigeyuki Matsuo, to study Japanese traditional paper-making and ink painting in more depth. Yoshio uses self-invented organic painting materials for his painting and sculpture, the techniques he learned allowed him to master and control the texture of the paper and then cooperate with the direction of ink and wash, so as to show the effect he expected. Yoshio’s paintings and sculptures are interpreted in contemporary contexts based on Japanese aesthetics and philosophy, techniques and materials.


Yoshio has taught as a professor at major art universities and colleges including Art Center College of Design, Southern California Institute of Architecture, Tama Art University, and Musashino Art University in Japan. He also gave lectures to major universities and institutions around the world. Yoshio has exhibited his work at more than 100 solo/group exhibitions and Art fairs in museums and galleries throughout the world including the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Williamson Gallery of Art Center College of Design, Museum of Art and Design in NYC, Holland paper biennale at Apeldoorn Museum, Deutsches Textile museum in Germany and many more.

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