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March 13 - April 16

Of Other Spaces

Curated by Pui Tiffany Chow

“Because these places are absolutely different from all the sites that they reflect and speak about, I shall call them, by way of contrast to utopias, heterotopias.” - Michel Foucault, Of Other Spaces: Utopias and Heterotopias.

Kylin Gallery is pleased to present our second year collaboration with ArtCenter Fine Art, Of Other Spaces, an exhibition by ArtCenter Fine Art, on view from March 13 to April 16. The online exhibition will be available concurrent the physical show.

In this unprecedented moment, our collective notions of space and time have been thrown into a petri dish. Stimulus has flattened, mobility cloistered and time multiplied, we have all had to make kingdoms or hellscapes out of our screens, windows and minds. This is ripe territory for the artist - the master of the intimate. We have witnessed, and experienced, major political and social change, drastically altering our daily life for the past year. As makers, the site of artistic production is often crucial, psychologically and physically. The added limitation of our recent forced isolation has pushed this factor a step further. Like a screen, an artwork shifts from a result of production, to the site of activity. This group of artists and their works on view in Of Other Spaces explores a world in a state of transition. In conversation with Foucault’s text sited above and through the collective lens we have inherited over the past year, this exhibition presents temporary sites that augment our behavior, places that are simultaneously real and unreal, constantly shifting, and accumulating time.

Photo by Juan Posada

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